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Let A.G. Family Insurance be your guide when it comes to your Business Insurance.

Are you shopping for the lowest business insurance rates for your existing business? Maybe you’re starting a new business? Starting a new business can be exciting, but extremely overwhelming.

Whatever your situation or need, A.G. Family Insurance is here to help you every step of the way. We’re can write ALL types of business coverages, for companies Big or Small, new or long-sustained. We can guide you through all your Business Insurance needs, walking you through the process and making it as easy as possible.

We offer various business coverages.

Do you have certain contract requirements that might require specific coverages? Many of our clients do. We’ll work through the contract, making sure you carry what’s required without any gaps.

Your agent, Gina "Muzzi" Racioppi, has over 20 years’ experience writing Business Insurance Policies. She currently represents over 200 Insurance companies. She works tirelessly, hunting for and obtaining the best possible terms and coverages, along with the lowest rates to fill your Business Insurance needs.

With Gina in your corner, you’ll never worry about sacrificing coverage for price. She’ll be there, always and every time, to explain every facet of your Commercial policies.

Remember, Gina does all the shopping for you. That leaves you more time to focus on the important things in life—like running your business. Gina will not only make you feel like part of her family, but will go all the way to protect your interests and do what’s right for you.

At A.G. Family Insurance, we represent you and your business—not the Insurance Companies.

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A.G. Family Insurance: One agent, one agency rooted in family.

We offer the following types of Commercial Insurance:

Commercial General Liability
Commercial Property and Inland Marine
Commercial Marine
Commercial Auto
Workers Compensation
Bonds(We write all types of Bonds)
Payroll Services

We specialize in these types of businesses:

Hair Salons, Spas, Doggie Boutiques/Groomers
Retail Stores
Janitorial Services
Home watch
Landscape / Tree Trimmers
Handyman Services
Subcontractors Including: Plumber, Electrician, Framer, Carpentry, Stucco, Remodelers, and much more.
General Contractors
Paddle board / Kayak / JetSki Rental Operations
Satellite / Cable Installation
Professional office units / Doctor, Dentist, Lawyers, and more.
Professional E & O
D & O Coverage
Cyber E & O
Technology Liability
Condo Associations
Moving Companies

Commercial Property

Shopping Plazas
Commercial Condo Unit
Lessors Risk
Manufacturing Facility
Apartment Buildings
Condominium Association Building

What is Commercial General Liability, and why do I need it?

If a fire burned down your store, how would you pay the rent? How would you pay your employees? How would you replace everything inside?

If you lacked the money to rebuild, your business would be devastated. It could devastate you and your employees’ livelihood.

What if you’re a landscaper and your trailer got stolen? What if that trailer contained all your tools, acquired over 10 years’ time and valued at $40,000? How would replace those losses? What if an employee of yours caused damage to someone’s home while working? Do you want to be financially responsible for the damages?

ALL businesses, big or small, should carry Commercial General Liability Insurance. Accidents happen, and if you or your employees were deemed liable for Bodily Injury or Property Damage to someone else or their property, it could cost your business thousands—it could cost you everything. If you own Commercial Property, whether it’s a building, tools or any contents used for business, we recommend carrying Property Coverage as well.

Why should I insure my vehicle under a Commercial Auto Policy?

Personal auto insurance excludes your employees driving your vehicle. This means if one of your employees drives your vehicle and wrecks it, you won’t be covered. If you’re carrying equipment in the back of a van, this is considered commercial use; many personal auto policies don’t cover this type of use.

Many business contracts require higher liability limits, as well as special endorsements:

  • Hired Auto
  • Non-Owned Auto

These can be purchased on a Commercial Auto Policy. Suppose your assistant drives to the bank in her personal vehicle to make a deposit. In the process, she hits someone in the parking lot. This would be considered, "Vicarious Liability." Although you’re not directly at fault, you sent her/him on company time. You are now involved in the claim.

If you carry Non-Owned Auto Coverage, liability would extend to your employee while driving her personal vehicle on your company’s time. For this reason, we recommend that ALL clients who own businesses carry Commercial Auto Insurance.

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A.G. Family Insurance: One agent, one agency rooted in family.

When Should I carry Workers Compensation Insurance?

Even if you’re not legally required to carry Workers Compensation, we recommend you carry it. If an employee gets injured on the job, the business owner is ultimately responsible for Medical Payments and Loss Wages due to the accident.

Workers Compensation rates are regulated by the state of Florida. We offer several private insurance companies, as well as coverage through FWCJUA, which is theFlorida-run program for those who don’t qualify for private insurance. We also work with Leasing companies that can accommodate Payroll Services and Workers Compensation for higher-rated class codes.

For more information regarding Workers Compensation, or to file your Workers Compensation Exemption you can visit:

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A.G. Family Insurance: One agent, one agency rooted in family.